Professor George Posen

Chair of Egyptology at Miskatonic University


48 year-old Egyptologist. Enjoys cultivating a pompous air of academic superiority and wearing tweed suits.

Professor Posen’s life has been marked by his shrewd, secretive, obstinate, clever, and reserved disposition. He remains an enigma: with these traits, his life events could be either very tragic or very fortunate.

The intensity and profundity of George’s passion, however, will always be constant. He has a tendency to go into the shadows and secretly plan the course of action he will take, reluctant to let others know the exact nature of his mood or feelings. He uses his strong will and character for favorable and beneficial things.

He has a strong inclination to be involved in medicine, perhaps even surgery. He is attracted by research and investigation in general. The position of the stars at his birth indicate that in one way or another his life will be geared to securing a stable home while overcoming disagreements within his family.

Financial matters – and the act of physical conquest and possession – are the central motivation of his existence.It is virtually a necessity that he address himself to gaining material security. The obligations of giving still exist for him as a real difficulty which he must learn to deal with. George should enjoy his own wealth but also instruct himself in the art of giving. He wishes to be respected in financial matters and likes to be regarded as a person who is self-sufficient.

He has a great amount of faith in his abilities; he believes that no matter what happens, he will always endure financially. His weaknesses in money include a tendency to be very demonstrative, a desire for money because of the power it wields. As he reaches mature age, the doors of opportunity will open for him through persons highly placed in government.

Awards: Astronomy +10%


Date of Birth: December 22, 1877
Birthplace: Long Island, New York
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Ascendant: Scorpio
Moon: Cancer

Character History


From a long line of weird academics, his father was the curator of the Brooklyn Museum until he disappeared on an expedition seeking the well-spring of the Nile, when he was 23. Just a young doctoral student studying anthropology and archaeology, he insinuated himself in the mission to Abyssinia ordered by Theodore Roosevelt’s administration, possible due to the proximity of the Posen family home to the Roosevelt estates on Long Island.

They landed in Djibouti in 1903, 3 days later they traveled by rail to Ethiopia. The Mad Mullah was threatening British Somaliland at the time and George’s first thought was that his father might be involved somehow. The rumors of this mad arab intrigued him. While visiting the Ras Makkonen of Harrar, George had a chance to ask around about his father. He wondered whether the elder Posen had gotten this far south in his expedition. He quickly became embroiled in the intrigues of Gnostic Christian occultists in Abyssinia and their current conflict with the Mad Mullah. It soon surfaced that the elder Posen had become a victim of the greater conflict of the region as the Mad Mullah sought an abhorrent alliance with the eldritch horrors from beyond time and space.


Finding the evidence of his father’s death though not his remains, he returned to New York with the American delegation. There, George returned to his studies, but was gripped with a new found interest in the civilizations founded along the Nile River and Egypt in particular. He quickly completed his PhD and began joining expeditions to Egypt, becoming contemporaries with such noted archaeologists as T.E. Lawrence and Flinders Petrie. After the first few seasons, as the financial pressures mounted, George took a lecturer position at Miskatonic University, where his interest in the ancient Egypt and Arab occult found a home. He continued joining expeditions to Egypt during the dig seasons, obtaining grant money from generous Miskatonic alumni. He eventually rose to the rank of Assistant Professor of Egyptology Studies.

Just prior to the outbreak of the Great War, Professor Posen became one of the few Americans involved in the British Palestine Exploration Fund explorations. After 1914, being the citizen of a neutral power, George became an active participant in espionage activities throughout the Levant, couriering secret messages between Allied agents and acting as an asset in the region, while maintaining his cover as an American archaeologist. Following 1917, when his position became compromised due to America’s entrance as an Allied power, George ventured back down to Abyssinia and spent the year conducting a local archaeological dig funded by Menelik II along the Blue Nile and at Aksumite Empire sites, looking for evidence of the Kingdom of Sheba.

1918 – 1925

Following the Treaty of Versailles, Dr. Posen returned to New York and was named Associate Professor of Archaeology at Miskatonic University. Soon, he replaced the Chair of Egyptology Studies upon the incumbent’s sudden disappearance at a dig at Kafr Ammar.

Professor George Posen

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